The ANMCB Board Certification Naturopathic Examination is administered several times a year across the United States. Application must be received 30 days prior to exam date. Prepare for the ANMCB with classroom or online prep classes. An examination preparation course is offered at many of the locations two days prior to the exam date. Or plan around your schedule and prepare online. More information below.


Future Dates and Locations To Be Announced

Proctoring Options Available  - Information Below

 August 24, 2018
Las Vegas, NV

Exam Available in English and Spanish!

Application Deadline July 24, 2018

Includes Attendance to the

37thAnnual American Naturopathic
Medical Association Convention & Educational Seminar
Exam Prep Program Available See Below for Options

anmcb exam preparation options

The ANMCB Study Guide will be provided to you as an overview of the exam upon receipt of a complete ANMCB application. You have options to further your exam preparation by taking an ND Review class. These classes are not required to take the exam, rather another option in preparing for the exam. 

Prepare for the ANMCB Exam with classroom or online classes. The choice is yours, you know the best way you learn and retain information!  

Academy Epic offers an ND Review Preparation online. This course can be arranged around your schedule. Prepare for the ANMCB Exam as this online course will allow you to process, retain and recall the material at your own pace and location of choice. Contact Academy Epic directly to register. 

A a two day ND Review Preparation in a classroom setting. This course is a review and prepares you to process, retain and recall the material for the ANMCB Exam. It is available at most of the ANMCB Exam locations two days prior to the exam date. Contact us for more information.

The Board grants Candidates the opportunity to take the Board Cer­tification Naturopathic Exam by Proctor for an additional $100 administrative fee, waived for ADA Candidates. You must submit the ANMCB certification application along with a written request for the need for Proctoring Services 30 days prior to the examination date. Proctoring Services are generally found at your local Library or Community College Testing Centers. The ANMCB Exam Proctoring option is only available in the US. Please contact us for more information to coordinate with the Proctoring Service. Click here for Proctoring guidelines.

Please Note:  Proctoring Option Not Available June through Setpember 28, 2018


ANMCB Naturopathic Board Certification Exam is offered several times a year at locations across the United States. With the ND Review Course available two days prior to the Exam date at the same location. Please see schedule above for Exam dates and locations. 

If you are unable to travel to any of these locations, you do have the option to have the Exam Proctored in your area and you set the schedule - Date, Time, Location! With an option to take the ND Review Course online to fit into your schedule.